Saturday 25 September 2010

Fine Multi Grains from Greenmax

After trying half a glass of my colleague's eight grains dessert the other day, I want to cook some for myself too, I like the taste, the ingredients and the health benefits of having natural grains as meals or dessert. She brought the dessert from home as lunch, so it was not nice of me to ask for a share of her lunch. She told me that she bought the mixed grains from the supermarket's organic food section, I set my mind to buy a packet this weekend.

Last night, I bought a small packet of Greenmax brand Fine multi grains from a hypermarket nearby. I would like to try cooking some this weekend by using slow cooker so I do not have to keep checking on it.
It consists of 11 types of grains and seeds, can be cooked into rice, or porridge (meat can be added too) or dessert (if you like it sweet). Hope my girls will like it; I think they prefer the porridge to be very soft and fine.


  1. Yes...i love it mil cook this multi grains with slow cooker, add bit sugar for the sweet taste and I love eating it.

  2. could you tel me where i can buy this too??


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