Wednesday 22 September 2010

Happy Moon Cake / Mid Autumn Festival

The moon shining so bright & round tonite, on a Mid-Autumn day

We only bought 3 moon cakes this year. I brought one for the gathering at Angie's new home on 31.08.2010 (a once in year gathering with my Innosabah's ex-colleauges). One for Pearl's school. Each of the students has to bring a moon cake to school for mid-autumn celebration. Crystal insisted to buy one more because she likes to eat. Which she did, she ate almost half of the moon cake these two days.

Previous years, we used to buy a box of moon cakes for my parents. However, we stopped doing that this year, because just 2-3 weeks ago my father admitted to the hospital the day after he ate about one whole moon cake by himself, his blood pressure shot up to 230+ and sugar level undoubted went up as well. He can't afford to have another stroke. So we have to control on buying moon cakes for health reasons, furthermore, the price of the moon cake is not cheap.

Crystal enjoying the moon cake, she likes the one with yolk

Crystal asked me why we celebrate Moon cake festival, I told her that I need to find out how the story goes, I can only remember there was a beautiful lady called Chang-er based on an ancient story. So I searched on internet this evening, there I found several versions of the story, I got myself confused which one is accurate, at the end I told her that she will learn about it in school in the future. I never remember Chinese history or stories that's one of my weak point being a Chinese (a Malaysian Chinese, can be excused ba...haha!).

We had a simple dinner at brother's house, we are all working today so only my mum did the cooking herself. A bit stressful on her.


  1. I don't even know the history behind this mooncake festival..hahhaa:) phai sei....

  2. Hope your dad is doing okay now, like my parents they really have to be very careful on food. Happy belated Mid-Autumn Festival to you, my friend.


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