Wednesday 13 March 2013

Breakfast at KFC

We've just realised that KFC is also offering breakfast menus.
We went to one of the popular kopitiam at Bandaran Berjaya in the city for my favourite fish meehoon soup this morning. After I have ordered, Clet was trying to pick what he wanted to add on for his kon lou mein, he spotted one baby crocroach running about in the fried fishes, he immediately cancelled our order and off we out from this kopitiam. 
While driving off, I spotted the KFC's breakfast menus. We have had McDonald breakfast several times but never at KFC. KFC serves Nasi Lemak as additional choice over McDonald.   Both have free flow of coffee too.  To me, the coffee is thicker at McDonald.   I took away my leftover coffee from KFC this morning but the design of the cup lid is some how not good enough to keep the liquid. My coffee started dripping from the lid on my way to the office.
I had porridge and clet had pancakes for breakfast.  Clet said one thing for sure fast food chains like KFC and McDonald,  they have better quality control on the food they serve.


  1. Hmm looking good! This is one of the easiest and fastest restaurant to have breakfast ya!

  2. I never try KFC breakfast yet..

  3. Long time I didn't take KFC already.

  4. I prefer McD's breakie...the pancakes and hashbrwon tasted better.....


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