Friday 15 March 2013

Tekwandoe class

It was for the reason of having some form of exercise for our girls that we encouraged them to take up tekwandoe at school.  We also hope that so long as they continue with the lessons, they will acquire some form of self protection skills in the future.
Pearl joined in the class first.  She enjoys the lessons very much.  We wanted Crystal to join in too so that she too can at least exercise a bit rather than sitting down to read story books and play computer games most of the time. 
After a few negotiations initiatived by the daddy and the permission given by the tekwandoe  master allowing her to join in late and go for the upgrading test in less than 2 weeks, she finally agreed to join in the challenge with a condition that she will get to buy a story book and other reward if she managed to upgrade to yellow belt.  Tough negotiations.
Both of them went through the test and are yellow belt tekwandoe students now. 
They are more into learning the steps rather than using strength at this initial stage.  The movements are just like "chee kung" to me.  *,*.
With our 2 little ones taking tekwandoe class.  Clet started to convince me to join in the adult class as a form of exercise while our body still can stretch and kick.  ^@^. I am still considering. .....join or not join....???


  1. Join only if u r interested. Dun waste your precious time and money for something you don't like doing.

    Well done to your 2 girls....

  2. My boys joined this before but didnt last long in them.. hahaha.. mom too lazy to take too..

  3. Wah they looks so cool in their Tekwandoe uniforms!

  4. Kudos to both your girls, yellow belt in Tekwandoe. Good to acquire some self-defence skills. It will definitely benefit them.


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