Friday 22 March 2013

The Photo Bank Booth

I often see in the movie screens that people taking photos in the photo bank booths but I have not been in one myself.  I can't remember seeing any photo bank booth in the city I live.  

Most of the time the photo bank booths are placed at where fun fairs, theme parks, tourist attraction are located.  I guess it would be fun taking photos with family and friends in the photo bank booths, where they can making all kinds of funny faces and postures. :D

To meet the current market demand, the service of dallas photo booth has extended to private functions like wedding celebration.  They have received overwhelming responses from their customers.  It is definitely a brand new concept to be introduced to any functions, where the guests and the hosts can have their memorable moments captured at an instant because the photos will be produced at the booth.  

These are some of the features for the dallas photo booth :
  • Fast prints from the booth
  • Unique round and spacious design 
  • many props to choose from 
  • can fit up to 8 persons in the booth at a time
  • 23" screen with up to date slide show
  • Touch screen monitor for easy use
  • various background to choose from 

They provide flexible payment plans, basic & luxury packages, professional booth in attendance during the event, USB event photos, guest are allowed to choose their own colors and photos templates, and the theme background too
If your wedding is on the way, why not start planning to have wedding photo booth rentals at your reception,  your guests will sure be looking forward to have their photos taken in their best attires at your wedding.

Besides the rental of wedding photo booth, they also cater for company function with special designed themed background and customised features of your choice outside the booth. Please visit for further information.   

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