Tuesday 2 April 2013

Chinese Medicine

After few days of stomach upset and diarrhoea, and the intake of western medications, Crystal appeared weak, pale and having cold sweat.  For the past week even before the stomach upset and allergy problems, she took more naps  and always complained of tiredness.  She has less energy compare to her normal self and had to stop half way through her taekwando lesson last week.

We decided to bring her to a Chinese medical hall to get an advise on what sort of Chinese Herbs that is good for her to regain her health.  The Chinese medical hall introduced us a Chinese medical doctor just across the road in Foh Sang, Luyang.  

The doctor checked on her pulses and throat.  He suggested that Crystal should not drink any cold drinks, cooling tea, no chicken and eggs, no white radish (white lo pak) in her diet, for fruits, only red apple is allowed.  Here are the tablets she has to take 3 times a day 4 tablets each for 5 days.  Due to school time, we only managed to give her medicine twice a day. 

She is regaining her energy after taking the Chinese medicine.  Thank you Lord and His touch on my little girl for helping her to get well and  rejuvenate her body.  

My mum has discharged from the hospital yesterday after admitted on last Thursday due to severe vomiting and diarrhoea.  Will bring her to see this Chinese Medication Doctor for some herbs supplements.


  1. Oh dear, all in your family kena stomach flu bug? Luckily your girl has no probs swallowing the tabs. Get well soon!

  2. I don't like chinese medicine probably the bitter taste..eheheh

    Speedy recovery

  3. I hope she is feeling much better by now.

  4. Get well soon to everyone. Speedy recovery.


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