Friday 26 April 2013

SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

Wanted to try out the much talk about SK-II, I purchased a tiny trial size Facial Treatment Gentle from ebay seller at RM8.00.  This tiny little thing was delivered from Hong Kong. It took about 2 weeks to reach me.  I am glad that it didn't go missing in the post.

At first try, its fragrance is so very familiar to me. It smells like the snow brand cleansing cream that I used when I was a teenage girl.  That snow brand is no longer available in the market now or probably it has changed its packaging over the years.

Anyway,  if this SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle proves to be good on my skin, I don't mind getting a normal size tube.  


  1. I believe SK II delivers really good results, since it's so pricey!
    Many celebrities are using it also~

  2. Agree with Hayley. They have good marketing. Many celebraties using it.. dunno if it works wonders to ordinary ppl like us though :P


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