Wednesday 10 April 2013

Her name is Golden

We are very irritated by the noice made by the rats when they start running around on top of our roof. Our neighbours have caught number of rats and our dog, Lucky has also been chasing after the rats when they are within his sight.  I ever told Clet that we probably need a cat to scare those rats away.

After many weeks till yesterday, Clet brought back a little female kitten that he found in school.  Crystal told me that they put her in a box and brought it home after school to surprise me.  I didn't expect him to take my word for real.

I have a bit of resentment to see this kitten at first. Having additional pet means we will have to care for it which I don't have the extra time to do so.  First of all, we will have to toilet train this little kitten.

Golden is such a cute kitten, small but fierce. Our girls named her "Golden" because of its golden looking hair. She didn't want to eat the Whiskas Junior cat food nor the milk that we fed her last night. Occasionally I could hear it miao miao last night.  It must be hard for Golden to attempt to its new environment.

Hope Golden will do a good job to chase away all the rats. Most importantly do not poo and pee inside the house.

Admiring the little Golden
Trying to let her drinking milk
"Golden" is just an ordinary breed cat, the first cat that we rear.


  1. Your girls have a kitten now, my girls are asking for a puppy.

  2. Your kids are so lucky! My son's been yearning for pets since his kindy days...but I'm not ready to care for another living thing. hehe. Looking at Golden brings back many wonderful memories of my only pet cat many years back...When we bought her she was a kitten, just like Golden. So cute! Go Golden GO! Go get all those rats!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope one day you will visit Aberdeen again. I love cats. Used to have one left behind by my previous tenant. He's such a beautiful cat. Had to leave behind after we moved. He refused to move....hmmm. We used to keep lots of cats back home when we were catch rats! Hope your cat will soon catch all the rats :D

  4. I love cats too! and there are many stray cats in my neighbourhood.


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