Wednesday 9 September 2015

INDOCAFÉ free storage container

Though I have more than enough storage / food containers at home, I still can't resist to add some more containers that comes free with purchases.  I found this Indocafe's container in the hypermarket last week, the quality is good and of good size.  It is free with purchase of 30 sachets of Indocafe coffeemix. 

when I was in dilemma in choosing which colour I should take, my better half reminded me that most of my Tupperware at home is red in colour, to have a more uniform colour theme, I picked the red one over the rest of the colours, as I can remember there are brown, green and yellow covers.
INDOCAFE logo on the cover
30 sachets INDOCAFE in the container
the containers can be stacked up nicely

Would you change brand because of free goodies?


  1. I am like you who gets attracted to good sized containers. My wife calls me old auntie after seeing that I collected so many inside the kitchen without use.

  2. I also have quite a collection. Haha. Useful when you need them.

  3. You can't have enough containers right c:
    Xx Ice Pandora


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