Saturday 12 September 2015

Brand's Essence of chicken

UPSR exam has been done and over with.  Hope my girl has done well in her exam.  Without much time to relax, she is taking her secondary school entry exam today.  It has been a stressful week for her for sure.  To keep her concentration and energy up to tackle the exams, we gave her Brand's essence of chicken in the morning.  She did not like the taste of it but I told her that it has been proven useful for me whenever I participated in cross country run competitions during my school years..the story cut short here because it was years ago.

Brand's essence of chicken has been in existence in Asia since 1920s.  Our grandparents, parents have been consuming it as health supplement, up until our generations, Brand's is still in the market with extended range of products like, bird's nest, herbal, fruit base and Innershine.  They have also improved the bottle cap with triple safety feature.

Disclaimer: This above is solely my own opinions. No monetary reward is given for me to write this product review. 


  1. I never like the smell of chicken essence. Never take any during my exam time haha. But good idea to give to your kid during the exam time.

  2. So fast have to sit for the secondary school entry exam? I love essence of chicken esp Brands. Hehe. Only me among my siblings love it. They find me weird :D


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