Saturday 5 September 2015

Weekend Breakfast 猪杂粉面

 We supposed to have a morning walk at the park this morning but ended up having hearty breakfast at this coffee shop situated at Lintas Square. 
My better half ordered this mixed pork stuffs konlou mee 猪杂面.  He always shares with me everything he eats, I got to taste a bit of the pork and the mee, very tasty.

I always go for meehoon soup.  I am a bit disappointed with this serving, it looks so plain, don't you think so?  At least add some green vegetable or shallots/spring onions to it.  The soup is tasty and the meatball with squid is my favourite but I still need those greens.    


  1. Quite a big portion. I prefer seafood noodle than those meaty or char siew. ^^

  2. Oh dear, I agree that it looked so plain. I would definitely get up to fix my soup. LOL


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