Monday 7 September 2015

Cempedak 尖不辣, the ugly cousin of jackfruit

We bought 2 small size Cempedak fruit for RM5.00 from a friend.  This fruit smell really nice too.  To avoid the "latex" sticking around when opening it, we use some cooking oil to rub around the knife and the hands before cutting open the whole fruit.
the fruits are all perfect without fruit worms
A full container from 2 cempedak fruits.  We just eat them as it is, I am too lazy to cook them with batter like most people do.  I prefer jackfruit more than Cempedak, because I find chewing cempedak is a tiring matter for me..*strange but true*


  1. Cempedak goreng also delicious :D

  2. I am with you, Agnes. I prefer the jackfruit too if eating it as is! :D

  3. Gosh, I've always thought the two are the same! Lol! I haven't tasted since I was a kid............

  4. I am funny. I love to eat Goreng Chempedak instead of the fresh fruit itself while I am okay to eat fresh Jackfruits.


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