Saturday 16 April 2016

Italian coffee 义式咖啡

I was curious to find out how this Italian coffee taste like when I saw it at the local Pick & Pay store.  It says Italian Coffee with Classic Italian flavor that you'd fall in love with..I have already felt in love with the local kopi kahwin (thick black coffee with condensed milk & evaporated milk), something has to be better to make me fall in love for the 2nd time..haaaa...
when comes to Italian coffee, my expectation goes to cappuccino and expresso, but to my opinion, this packet of coffee is too mild for a coffee drinker..  
But I like the packaging and it is convenient to bring along anywhere you go to enjoy a light coffee at anytime.

Disclaimer : No monetary reward of any kind to review this product, it is purely my own opinions after tasting the product personally.


  1. The packaging looks very nice

  2. Do you drink this coffee hot, cold or at room temperature?

  3. Never saw this, how it taste? Like the original one ka?

  4. Nice packaging. Unfortunately I am not a coffee drinker.

  5. So it's not enough to tempt you away from your true love!


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