Saturday 9 April 2016

Weekend tea treats

For a person whom did not succeed in making steam bao no matter how many times I tried, I will have to buy baos  from the shop and keep frozen ones in the fridge as snacks especially on weekends.
I like those little 小龙包。I just need to steam them over high heat for 5 minutes and it is done..
For tea break last Sunday, we had these little paos and homemade "wajid" from SIL we packed home from the previous Easter Sunday.


  1. Which reminded me I have some frozen baos in the freezer. Love your afternoon tea treat.

  2. I like to eat mini red bean bao too. What is a wajid?

  3. This is one of those that my boy would bring to school for recess.

  4. Convenient to have these bao in your fridge, just steam them over high heat for a short while and can eat


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