Wednesday 20 April 2016

Papa's 79th Birthday

When we asked him what he would like to have for his birthday dinner, Papa said KFC..he has read about its new menu in the local Chinese Newspaper.  I quickly checked through the pile of old newspaper to find what he's talking about..and I found this piece of KFC's news introducing the Crispy Tenders..we later found out that the boneless chicken is spicy which papa does not like it..but we brought him to KFC for dinner anyway for other menus and also tried out this Crispy Tenders with mayo sauce.

After the dinner, we went home for cake cutting ceremony..the mango cake was bought from Uncle Biscuit..

my little nephew is helping his kung kung to blow the candles.  They live together and become very close to each other.
After the birthday songs, Papa is ready to cut the cake..opps forgot to remove the plastic wrapper around the cake.
The cake is moist, fresh and finely done..How I wish I can make a cake like this.
The actual date for Papa's birthday is tomorrow, we celebrated early on last Sunday..
Wishing Papa for more blessed birthdays to come, stay happy, healthy and long life. 


  1. Happy birthday to your papa!

  2. Happy Birthday Papa!
    He is so blessed to have all his children and grandchildren around him. May he live a happy and healthy life always.

  3. Happy Birthday to your papa! How wonderful to have all those loving people around him!

  4. Happy birthday to your father!

  5. Blessed birthday to your papa!

    Your dad is very cute by choosing what he wants to eat from the newspaper in fact my dad too! One day he asked us to go for this particular sushi chain after reading the ad in the newspaper. We told him that is not very nice and we brought him somewhere else..hahah

  6. Happy Blessed Birthday to your father! May he be blessed with joy and happiness with all his love ones...


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