Wednesday 4 May 2016

School Folk & Art Songs Singing Competition 校园民瑶歌唱比赛

After many sessions of practicing, my girl is very happy that her class has proved to be the best in 2016 group A inter class folk & art songs singing competition because they are the Champion.  They are the only Junior One class entered into the final and against all odds, they became the champion in Group A Junior 1 & 2 category held in the school hall on 30th April 2016.

Bravo to the champion session with their form teacher on stage.

I have also recorded the performances of the other classes for your listening pleasure.  But I did not manage to record those of the senior classes because my view has been blocked by those seated in front.


  1. Congratulations to the Champion!
    BTW who was the champion on stage?? LOL

  2. Congrats! Well done to all.

  3. Congrats! She must be so happy and you must be so proud of her and her class.

  4. That's so cool, dear! Congrats! xoxo


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