Friday 13 May 2016

Hair Dye - Bigen Speedy

It's time again to dye my graying hair at home.  Though I am lazy to do it but I always remind myself that it is a great blessing that I have hair to dye..because of the hereditary gray hair, it gives me the opportunities to add colour to my hair as frequent as I required to, that's the word of comfort to myself (each time the gray hair start to appear). 

My favourite hair colour brand is Bigen though there are not many color choices, currently I am using its No.875 Copper Brown
At times I would go for total black hair dye like this one from Follow Me Natural Black selection.  Both brands can be bought from the supermarket, prices are cheaper than buying products from the saloons.

 There are 2 tube paste inside the Bigen box, Tube 1 is the color paste, Tube 2 is the Hair color conditioner 
an instruction leaflet, disposable glove and a comb
my graying hair
no difference from an 80 years old lady...haaaahaaa..
squeeze the No, 1 and No.2 paste onto the comb
start applying the paste by combing onto the hair, I did this in front of the mirror so that I can see where I miss..cover the hair up with a shower cap for 30-40 minutes more or less.  During such time I  could walk around the house to get things done. 

Rinse, wash and dry my hair.  Taadaaa...gray hair have been covered

top and side view..this could last for 3-4 weeks till another round of colouring.


  1. That is an interesting way to color hair! I usually have to mix the color and developer together and then put it on the roots with a brush. It takes longer to do.

  2. Good that you enjoy colouring your hair. I have a lot of white hair but I just left them as they are because I cannot be bothered to colour them.

  3. I have the same problem! My hair started greying when I was 32 or so. Now of course it's worse.

  4. Cheaper to do it at home rather than go salon, I only have one strand of white hair appear on me at age 44, more to come in future

  5. That Follow Me black dye sells about RM7.00 here and is very popular. You are an expert in hair colouring and should open a saloon!


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