Sunday 26 July 2009

The display of eXfuze Seven +

Yesterday at sister in law house, the display of the eXfuse Seven+ nutritional foods drinks on her dinning table made my head turned when I walked pass her kitchen. Quickly took out my camera to have a few shots of the display. She has also used the empty bottle of the eXfuze Seven+ as flower vase. Exfuze Seven+ bottles not just a superfoods drinks but also a wonderful decorative items.


  1. Wah, what is exfuse seven? Some elixir made from fruits and veggie?

  2. eXfuze Seven+ is a nutritional superfoods drinks, consists of the extract of noni, acai, mangosteen, gac, seabucktorn, fucoidan, goji as seven superfoods, the + is aloe vera, promegranate fruits, wild blueberry, and concord grape juice, that fusing together into a bottle of powerful health supplement.

    It is by far the best health drink for young & old that we discovered. will email some info to you.


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