Sunday 19 July 2009

More Mangoes after a windy day

We could stock up more mangoes in our fridge each time after a windy rainy day.  The wind tends to bring down more mangoes to the ground, hence, 20 over mangoes for us in a single day.  I make some into juice as requested by Clet using a blender instead of the juicer, giving us a very thick yogurt mangoes juice, with some yogurt.  Crytal & Pearl do not like it at all. 

I made mine a little special by adding more yogurt, a sprinkle of bee pollen granule and some flax seed oil for addition nutrition. 


  1. Looks yummy. I miss home grown mangoes... I recently bought some mangoesteen from Chinatown and you know how much it costs? US$8 per pound and a bag of 6 cost me $15!!! Not to mention that's RM50 after conversion.

  2. Mangoesteen is an imported fruit in the US, that's why it is so expensive. It's not the mangoesteen season yet, its season is the same as the durian, should be somewhere in August, coming soon o..

  3. Hi Agnes, thanks for dropping by my blog and also your compliment on the card :) You can try doing it with your kids.

  4. The mango drink looks so refreshing and yummy! I want to try too.


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