Friday 31 July 2009

Roses say a thousand words

Who don't like flowers? Receiving flowers would put a smile on one's face thus brighten up her days.

I love flowers very much that I attempted to becoming a florist at one point. I attended basic flower arrangement classes many years back and run a home base florist for a short while. To promote my business, I designed my own leaflet with a catchy phrase "Roses say a thousand words" as roses are commonly used to express the feelings and emotions in us.

The colours of the roses represent different meanings. Before you order a bouquet of roses to be delivered to someone, it would be wise to check on the meaning of the various colours of roses or consult your florists, they would able to recommend the ones that best suit your feelings.

Based on my experience the most desired colour is Red rose as it signifies love and passion. Pink roses signifies appreciation and gratitude; yellow roses used to represent jealousy but now signify friendship, joy, congratulations. Sending lavender roses to convey a message of "love at first sight" to someone special whereas white roses signifies purity and spiritual love.

Besides having to know the meaning of the respective colour of roses, the number of rose that you send is also significant. One stalk of rose represents love at first sight and you are the only one; most of us know what's the meaning of three stalks roses mean, that is I Love You; twelve stalks of roses mean Be My Steady.

You could easily convey your message to someone special by placing orders on line, there are a number of on line florists would be able to deliver your flowers within a day.


  1. Why don't you continue doing it as a part-time?

  2. Timing is a problem, since now I have a full time job I could hardly find the time to do my house works. I do not want to stress myself out too much, getting old liao.


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