Friday 17 June 2011

Papers Recycling

It is very effective to start instilling the awareness of protecting our earth from schools. The campaign of having a recycling day initiated by Crystal's school and the cooperation of the parents have made the campaign a success.

The once a week recycling day is fixed on Friday at the school. We have been contributing recycling papers to the school for most of the Fridays for the past one and a half years.

Though she doesn't really understand the full definitions of global warming and waste recycling in their technical contexts (which I don't expect her to), I have heard her using those words in her conversations. She always reminds us to bring recycling papers to her school every week, she gets very disappointed if she misses a week without contributing.

To support this meaningful activity for her school, I always collect used printed papers and used envelopes from the office. We hardly buy newspapers thus there isn't any newspapers from our household for recycling.

I brought home a big plastic bag of used envelopes last week for recycling. Crystal helped to sort out those with stamps and we cut them out for our collections.

A little contributions today will make a big difference in the future, a good environment for our next generations to live, if not better.:D

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