Monday 6 June 2011

Cheaper College Textbooks

My sister who attended her daughter’s university graduation in the United States last month, was telling me that it was a great financial relieve that her eldest daughter has finally graduated from university. Everyone knows that studying in overseas cost a great deal. The cost of accommodation, transportation, college books are getting more and more expensive each year. Luckily my brother in law has got a brother residing in the U.S whom my niece has been able to stay with his family for her entire university years.

My younger niece, Karen, who is 4 years younger than her sister is getting ready to enter into university next year, yet another heavy financial burden to carry. I told my sister that they can save a lot by buying used college textbooks, they are much cheaper and with varieties of subjects to choose from. The used text books are as good as new. They have got new textbooks for sale if they want to. Just log on to their website to find textbooks by subject, pick the suitable ones, pay for them and the textbooks will be sent to your door steps effortlessly, save the hassle of going around looking for the right textbooks.

I was amazed to see the huge lists of college text books that they have in store, basically from A-Z, how I wish there was such a service during my college years. Why spend extra if we can have the same college textbooks for cheaper prices, right?

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