Wednesday 15 June 2011

Cerumol ear drops for removing ear wax

How do you clear your child's ear wax? do you dig it out or remove it by using ear drops?

I am a bit scare to dig my girls' ear to remove the wax. Their ears' drum are very delicate and they will tend to move their heads when they feel the tickling feeling when I dig their ears so I opt to use ear drops.

The last time I applied the Soluwax ear drops on them was more than a year ago. Recently Crystal complaint to me that her ears are itchy and suspect got lots of ear wax inside, she has been trying to use her little fingers to dig them out but to no avail.

We kept forgetting to buy the ear drop when we were out and about for the past weeks and only remembered to get a bottle from the pharmacy last Saturday.

The pharmacy prescribed the Cerumol ear drops for us. To loosen and removal of ear wax, instill 5 drops into the ear canal with the head tilted, best to lay down on one side, may feel a tingling sensation but it is harmless, keep the head tilted for few minutes to avoid the solution from running out from the ear.

The Cerumol solution contains peanut oil, use the ear drop solution for 3 consecutive days, the wax will come out by itself as mentioned in the direction for use, but DO NOT use more than 3 days.

So far I only applied this ear drop once to my girls' ears and they did not complain of itchiness again. This ear drop is selling at RM13.95 per bottle.


  1. We use this brand at home too. It works well.

  2. Interesting! Can use on adults? =P

  3. HI Charmaine, good to have your testimonial on this product.

    Hayley, yes, adult can use it also..!

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