Friday 24 June 2011

Fast & easy dinner

While waiting for Crystal to finish her classes, Clet and Pearl usually have lunch at Crystal's school canteen where there are dishes available for students and parents. The price for a meal is much cheaper than outside shops. The dishes are not bad too though there are not much choices in terms of varieties. The lunch menus for the day are listed on the canteen's whiteboard early in the morning. I can find the same dishes being served every other days. Pearl's favourite dish is the sweet & sour fish.

Being lazy and want to save time on preparing dinner after a day long work during week days, we came out with the idea of take away dishes from Crystal's school canteen during lunch time, keep them in the freezer and reheat them for dinner. I usually stir fry a plain green vegetable as an additional dish to ensure there is a vegetable dish in our meal. As growing children, they get hungry easily, we have to serve dinner fast before our girls start digging the fridge for junk food which is the spoiler for a proper meal.

We were fine with the dishes for the past few weeks but we do get bored with the dishes at times. Just a day before, our girls have started to lose their appetite just by looking at the same dishes again, even though they did not complain, I know how they felt because I felt the same way too.

So we stopped taking away school dishes yesterday. Clet cooked a simple potatoes soup and our girls finished their rice with just a blink of our eyes. Yes, they must have missed the home cooked soup so much.

Sweet & sour fish take away from school
Soy sauce chicken, another take away from school
Stir fried plain vegetable with garlic by me

So much so that we want to have home cooked food, the process from preparation through cleaning up is just take up so much time. But one thing for sure is, we will get bore with the school dishes pretty soon. I will have to head into the kitchen first thing when I come back from work. Working mums, do you prepare dinner everyday? Any fast and easy menus that you can share with me?


  1. I didn't cook dinner. My MIL cooked for us, we went and took dinner back from her house. I cook only on weekend.

  2. Why don't you try using the slow cooker? I cook soups everyday as my gal has to have soup with her meal. Every night, before bedtime, I will cut up all the ingredients, throw them into the slow cooker and when I wake up in the morning, the soup is ready. I just reheat the soup in the slow cooker during lunch...easy to handle. U can also use the slow cooker to prepare beef stew and other chicken dishes too:)


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