Friday 10 June 2011

My Daily Skin Care

It been a while that I did not buy a facial moisturiser for myself, thanks to a generous supplier. I have been receiving some skin care products as staff annual dinner token from them for 3 consecutive years through the company I work for.

These skin care products are of international recognised quality from Germany, the Annemarie Borlind’s products are manufactured from high quality natural ingredients. I am glad to receive them for free or else I don’t think I could afford to buy them off the shelves. They are of affordable price to many but not for me who do not used to buy expensive skin care products.

The Skin whitening Fluid is to be applied after the day used skin moisturiser but I apply it as day cream alone instead. Save time and save money buying another Day cream !!

Just last month I received a piece of Ceramide Vital Fluid for last year's token, its main function is to restore firmness, radiance and regenerative power to the skin. I have yet to use it but I have heard good testimonials about this product.

Age is catching up fast, can't afford not to use any skin care products to moisturise and delay the sign of aging.

The Eye Wrinkle Cream and the Skin whitening Fluid both from AnneMarie Borlind are the only skin care products that I use for my daily facial care apart from a normal facial cleanser. Other skin care products are not in my budget yet though I am well aware of the essential products and steps that are needed for an ultimate care for our face especially.

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  1. Germany skin care products are always having good reviews. I am currently using Germany skin care product also, HBS. Not sure you heard about it or not? By the way, I envy you for not having to buy expensive products, as you can get it free, and also you skin is good for not having to invest so much effort and money.


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