Wednesday 9 May 2012

Malaysia First Day Covers

I used to collect First Day Covers whenever there were releases some 10 years ago.  I kept them in a box like a treasure, these collections are meant to be for my children.  After many times of shifting, I could not remember where I have placed them, I will have to search for them from the boxes in the store, hopefully they are still as good as new.

Due to frequent to the main post office lately, I have come to notice the issues of First Day Covers. I couldn't afford to queue like most people do as I need to rush to work after I have posted my mechandise, what I did was to ask from counter on the very next day to see what's left.  They usually have some stock left but the chances of getting the complete set is slim,  so long there is cover envelope and stamps that's good enough for me, and I am allowed to use the First Day Cover stamp chop all by myself, stamp as many and however I want to.

Here are the First Day Covers I managed to get in the recent months.  I am selective of which First Day Covers to collect, I do not collect all the releases :D
Yes to Life, No To Drugs, released on 27.02.2012

 Underwater Life, released 21.03.2012

 Malaysian Antarctic Research Programme, released on 08.03.2012

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