Friday 4 May 2012

Our Dog named Lucky

One fine weekend some 6 months ago, Clet found a puppy that he likes, we named him Lucky.  Our girls loves to have dog just like their daddy but still need to learn how to take care of them .  Our dog, Lucky is too playful and adventurous for our girls to handle him, they have to run away from Lucky all the time to avoid him from biting their legs. 

Lucky is very attach to us, he would be the first in line to come inside the house when we open our door, Just like any puppy, he likes to bite shoes, pull the plants down, dig the flower pots, bite anything that he can reach, scratch the car, and even open our shoes racks to pull our shoes out, bite the floor mat and many mischievous acts.  He always find the opportunity to zoom out from the gate whenever we drive our car in or out, we have to call him and sometimes chase him back, we were not pleased when he did this during the rush hours to school in the morning.  I also realised that we have become a nuisance to our neighbours when make so much noise early in the morning.

Lucky is trying to force himself out from the gate. He is a cute little dog whom always greet us at the gate when we come home, he is just too active to be handled.

Well, Clet finally decided to place Lucky at the back yard, he arranged to carry a big dog house from my sister house for Lucky 2 weeks ago.  It took 4 men power to get it placed at our backyard.   Though he would not feel as comfortable as he was at the front porch, we do feel more relax, less stressful and no longer a nuisance to our neighbours anymore.  It is time for him to guard our backyard.  Be good Lucky!!

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