Monday 7 May 2012

Tissue papers in the laundry!!!!!

I do most of my laundry over the weekend.  I thought I could finish them off and take a nap as soon as I can, as I need to "recharge my batteries" on weekends.  Upon hearing the pip sound from the machine telling me that it is done for me to hang them up to catch the bright sun light.  I got stressed out when I saw this..... 
tissue papers sticking on the clean clothes, on every single piece of cloth and pants.  Meaning I have to remove the broken pieces of tissue papers off from this bunch of laundry.    
Can you imagine how troublesome it is to remove them?  
At the end I took more time than usual to do my laundry.  This packet of tissue could be from one of my girl's school uniform pocket which I gave them to bring to school, did not realise that it is still in the pocket, I should have checked every pockets before putting them to the machine, my fault :(

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  1. It happened to me many times too! So much work to remove them huh? Most of the time, the culprit was my boy! I nagged him till no end. Hahaha.. My nagging works in a way though as now he empties his pockets before putting his clothes into the laundry basket.


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