Monday 10 August 2015

Fish soup breakfast

After a brisk morning walk last weekend, it's time to go for something delicious for breakfast.  My better half suggested to have laksa which he knows is one of my favourite.  But I chose my other favourite, that's fish meehon soup.
Konlou meehoon for him
fish meehon soup for me
every time I see this, I could not resist to fill up the sauce dish. Very appetizing.  I could finish a bowl of rice with just this preserved green chilies. 


  1. I like it! Fish mee hoon in clear soup.

  2. I think I would prefer laksa tho the soup looks tasty. xoxo

  3. Hi Agnes, laksa is also one of my favourite. I seldom go for plain soup unless I am not feeling well. When I see the pickled green chilies, I think of wanton noodles.


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