Monday 24 August 2015

Flower blooms 花开了

Happy to see a flower blooms in my front car porch.  It is the only flower that blooms so far.  I have never care for it as it is always covers by my better half's car at the side of the yard.  I have to carry it to a more visible place to enjoy its beauty before it withered. 

anyone knows what is the name of the flower?  It is a very common flower but I do not know its name. *update :My colleague told me that this is Desert Rose".
It is planted in a pot.  It was full of weeds before this, I have to clear them all to allow this plant to grow better.
I bought these cactuses from Kundasang in May 2015 just weeks before the earthquake strike Mt Kinabalu in June 2015, They are growing well with minimum care.  I will need to transplant them to bigger pots soon.
The plants that I bought from Kundasang together with the cactus have withered, no one to be blamed but me.  There are seeds that I could harvest from them to plant new ones but I have yet to do it.


  1. Beautiful flower. My mum has few pots of this plant.

  2. This flower is very popular during Chinese New Year as the folks believe that they are good feng shui flowers. All the nursery plants would sell plenty of them like hot cakes.


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