Sunday 30 August 2015

Prayer changes things

I spent my spare time doing cross stitch when I only got myself to take care of.  When my eldest came along, I totally have no time to do any cross stitch project, even the unfinished project remain kept in the box someway till today. 

This is one of the cross stitch pieces that I did, "PRAYER CHANGES THINGS".

It is now hanging at the wall near the dining area, reminding ourselves do not stop praying to ask for His blessings and guidance in all aspects of our lives, for our families and for our nation, because not all things are within our human strengths and capabilities to handle.  Let Him show us the way. 
My daughters' drawings by copying the cross stitch on the wall.  Not bad at all.


  1. She can draw well. I also enjoy cross stitch but since I have kids, I hardly touch it anymore. I actually have 1 unfinished cross stitch.

  2. Wow! You really have a good eyesight and patience for this beautiful hobby.
    I admire those good ones sold at the shops.


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