Sunday 16 August 2015

Sour became sweet

On working days, I stay in the office with aircons on.  Most of the time I complain it is too cold have to put a blazer on to keep me warm.  My better half whom is out and about most of the time would complain the weather is too warm that it makes him headache.
Today, on a Sunday, I can feel how he feels being in a hot day without aircon. It is unusual for me to make ice cubes, drink cold drinks or serve ice cold drinks to my girls (for reasons that the old folks have advised the ladies to refrain from drinking cold stuff)..but today is exceptional, I myself thirst for icy cold lime juice to counter the hot weather.  I gave my king and 2 princesses a bit of surprise, they happily galloped the icy cold lime juice, sour became sweet..:)


  1. I would love this cold treat too. I seldom drink cold drinks when I were young girl. But as I grow up I started to take more cold drink except during menstrual cycle.

  2. I take cold drinks from morning & friends think I'm crazy. For some reasons, I don't like hot drinks. So may I have a glass of your icy lime juice please?? xoxo

    1. Haaaa..yes sure Shirley, I added sour plum as well, taste better.

  3. Lime juice with plum, that is my ideal cold drink, esp on a hot day


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