Wednesday 16 March 2016

Ayam Corek / Grilled Chicken

We did not defrost anything ready to cook for dinner on Monday so buying ready dishes would be our choice, my better half thought of the ayam golek that he saw at Penampang Baru, a place not far from our house. 
We intended to buy 1/2 a chicken but ended up buying the whole chicken for RM27.00 because that would be our main dish for the night with just green vegetable (sawi) & organic cherry tomatoes as second dish.  
The chili dip that came with the Ayam Golek is super duper hot, we couldn't take it.  I dip the chicken with tomato sauce instead.  We could not finish this chicken in one meal, we had the leftover the next day.  


  1. Look good and better than the franchise roasted chicken.

  2. Looks so good! I am not a fan of spicy things so can't eat chili. Good there's a place to buy cooked food nearby.

  3. The Ayam Golek looks so delicious.

  4. Rm27 for a whole chicken is a good price!


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