Tuesday 22 March 2016

Fined on a fine Sunday

We went to 1Borneo last Sunday.  We have got a nice parking a few steps away from the entrance.  Settled ourselves in an eatery on ground floor.  Our food came but left my better half's nasi lemak which has no sign of coming, upon checking, the kitchen said they had run out of chicken.  My hungry better half has turned angry, he was very unhappy for such a service, he paid for our food and went to other shop to find his comfort food..

my little girl's breakfast set
I chose fish meehoon soup, the taste is nice
normal fried mee, taste nice too
we also tried the cheapest beef noodle soup at one of the Vietnamese restaurant, RM2.10 (inc. GST)..the serving is very small, this bowl is just about a spoonful of a Chinese soup spoon..I will need to have 10 bowls of it to satisfy my eating capacity.

my girls spotted something different in the mall, the Korean ice cream.  The ice cream is filled at both ends of the cone.  RM10.00 per piece which is overpriced. 

By the time we leave the mall, we found our car has been locked, there's a summon on the car wind screen saying that a male driver has parked on a ladies parking bay, thus have to pay RM50.00 fine.

It has been captured on the CCTV, what is there to argue, it is the ignorant on our part to ignore the notice posted on the parking bays.  We also noticed several cars have been locked under this circumstance...I considered it as buang sial lah to pay the RM50.00 fine.


  1. Not a very fine Sunday it turned out to be.

    The waiter should inform you guys on the nasi lemak's chicken instead of letting you guys waiting for so long. Such lousy service.

    That beef noodle so so so little. But for that price, I think it is expected. Haha.

    Next time, be careful where you park your car. ^^ I saw people always ignore those special parking bay and park their cars. Those are meant for diabled, older or pregnant ladies. Over here still not special bay for ladies yet.

  2. You're taking the fine positively! What to do right.

  3. We have ladies only parking spot here too.Good that they enforce it but since you all.didn't know about it not your fault. Ah I see Thai mini boat noodles are at your place now.

  4. Delicious breakfast. They really mean business by clamping the cars. Oh I see, its only for ladies drivers.

  5. Wow..they really mean it and clamped the car. For me, if I am driving my kids I prefer to go to the malls that have secured parking for ladies. There is one which I particular like, they have a security to check before you can enter the ladies parking area. I feel safe..ahhaa

  6. Oh dear...quite an expensive meal after all!

  7. Your girl's breakfast set looks good but I don't think it is enough for me, the fish soup looks very nice and delicious, healthy to eat fish too but the mee looks oily

    I have not heard of ladies only parking lot before


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