Tuesday 15 March 2016

Wholesale fruits market

last weekend, I followed my better half to this wholesale fruit market to buy some fruits.  Buying stuff from wholesale places are usually cheaper.  They do sell their fruits to individual with a slightly higher price than to the traders who buy in higher quantities.
Fruits are perishable goods, they have to sell fast, frequent buyers will be able to get good price from the wholesalers.
We can only find local fruits in this wholesale market.

Soursop, RM6.00 per kg.  Other place sellling RM8-9 per kg.
we bought some honeydew, there are sweet.  I took some to my classmate reunion in the evening.

Pisang Sabah, famously used for banana fritter
Will come back here for local fruits again.


  1. Can get better and beautiful fruits at wholesalers.

  2. Visiting the wholesale fruit market is fun especially you get those local produce at a cheaper price if you intend to buy in bulk.

  3. Well fruits are good for health so it's an excuse to eat more.

  4. Good prices to buy from there. I love to eat all sort of fruits so if possible I want to buy my food from wholesaler too.


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