Tuesday 8 March 2016

Weekend home cook meal 周末爱心晚餐

My better half silently spares the kitchen for me during weekends.  He has been preparing meals for us on weekdays, he got to rest on weekends.

I am not a good cook, just try the best I can to prepare meal for my loved ones on weekends. 
fried eggs is their all time favourite, they complained my fried egg was tasteless, that's my cooking : less salt, no MSG.
the leftover pumpkin from the pumpkin cake, now sauteed with lean pork, my people in the house do not like it at all :(
black fungus with lean pork, carrot and button mushroom, my kids only picked on the lean pork and button mushrooms..What's for next weekend ? yet to figure out.


  1. Your hubby is so sweet and caring! My hubby hardly ever cooks for us ;(

  2. I also use less salt at home. Totally no MSG in my kitchen.

    A nice cooking attempt in the kitchen.

  3. I love all your dishes as I love to eat eggs, pumpkin and black fungus.

  4. He looks like an awesome cook! :)

    I love eating pumpkin, too bad not a lot of people I know enjoy it so I only eat it when I go out to eat chap fan.

  5. Haha poor cook! So many complaints.

  6. Same as Mun, I love all your dishes here, cos I love eggs, pumpkin and black fungus too

    Black fungus is good for health


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