Wednesday 7 May 2008


I signed up for PayPerPost on 6 May 2008 and they approved my blog almost immediately. It only took an hour for them to email back to me on the outcome. It is very efficient on their part I must say which had really made my day. I was very eager to register with PPP since I started with my blog in December 2007 aiming to earn some extra income. I quickly register with them as soon as I meet their requirements and to my surprise that I got approved so quickly. Yeah!! It's a wonderful thing that I am able to get paid to blog from now on. :D

I got to know about PPP through Joyce, a very committed blogger and wife of hubby’s nephew, from there I did my own web search to PPP website and it was amazing how bloggers can earn money just by writing or reviewing advertisers’ products, services or websites, I believe I can do that and want to be part of them too...

When I first logged in to PPP’s member site as a new Postie, I realised there are so much to learn which is very exciting. Though I am still a new Postie, I really can’t wait to take up some opportunities and start earning extra $$ to pay for my credit card which has long been overdue and of course do some on line shopping which I have never done before. Earn by blogging which is what I love most about PPP. Wish me luck!! :)

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