Tuesday 20 May 2008


This week toot goes to hubby, Clet, for his inspirations and determinations in starting an additional blog; this made a total of 3 blogs under our care. I started this blog in December 2007, and clet started his property blog, PropertyNet in March 2008 featuring all porperties for auctions, for sale and to let in his portfolios. He suggested to me that we should start an additional one mainly to showcase the collections of what we have collected over the years for all to enjoy; I was reluctant in the beginning fearing that we would not be able to update it as often as we wanted to. He went ahead to start The Collections Gallery regardless of my negative responses last month, spending time to take photos and uploading them till wee hours. He left the illustrations part for me to make the postings more meaningful and complete which I am still trying to find time to update them. Surprisingly we receive relatively good visitors to a month old blog which indeed have given us a great encouragement to share more collections and the urge to update it more frequently. Please visit our new blog The collections Gallery, your comments are valuable to us..:D

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  1. hello agnes, you said you have been getting error 404. which blog was it? and when you remove the google sitemap, is it going away or the blog is still displaying error 404?

    let me know..


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