Friday 16 May 2008


I came across this cool money earning idea while blogs hoping. Member of my search funds will earn just by searching the internet using their search provider, sounds easy isn't it? So I signed up to try it out. Why not? It would be nice to get paid for what I usually do every day. And the fantastic thing is it pays in sterling pound. Just click below to find out more :) It's fun..!!!


  1. Hello,
    I've Search fund as my home page but I rarely use it since it's giving me results from They are working on getting google to work with them but it still says Sorry! It's fund to make money doing the things that we're already doing though. You know what else is great way to make money, paid-to-click ads. I joined and had earned triple my investment. Slow in paying though. Still waiting for my first payment. If you're interested to join you can put me as referral dnm30.

  2. Hi Dina

    Can I have the website that you are talking about?

  3. Cool, another way to make more money. I'm always seeking ways to make a little extra income and I'll definitely be checking this one out :D


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