Tuesday 27 May 2008


My girls like to climb and sit on my lab when I am doing my work at the computer, they know there are so much to see from the screen. Crystal in particular would request to go on her colouring pages website to choose and print some pages to colour, and it takes ages for her to choose the one she likes (in actual fact she just having fun viewing all the pages). Since she is on the computer I wouldn't have the chance to work, it also takes up my time waiting for her to decide so the best way is to teach her how to print and let her take her own sweet time. Luckily she is a pretty fast learner, after guiding her for a few times, she is able to print the colouring page all by herself now. A big TOOT for Crystal !!


  1. Hi there,
    i got here from socialspark. just drop by to say hi.

  2. Hi shern's mom

    visited your blog & welcome back again soon!!

  3. Oh what a fun accomplishment that must have been for her! YAY! Toot-toot!


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