Friday 30 May 2008


While browsing through some comments on money making sites, I discovered a site called Daytipper, out of curiosity I went to have a look at the its website and interestingly it pays its member USD1.00 for every tip submitted and approved by them.

So If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, why not submit it to Daytipper and get paid. You write the content, let Daytipper helps you to share it with the world. But I must say, they are looking for high standard and original tips to be published in their site. I submitted one yesterday and was rejected right through :( I thought I have got a good tip that I would like to share, apparently the content is not good enough for them. Well, this is only my first attempt. Hubby had just given me one of his tip, will try to submit, see what happen :)
Besides sharing your valuable tips, you will find a lot of good tips from the Daytipper's members as well (those approved by them). Let's check them out !!

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