Tuesday 26 January 2010

Healthy drinks from Green Max

In the office, we are so use to having our breakfast, tea breaks and lunch on our office desks, we always get ready some beverage mix sachets in the office. This is the one recommended by one of colleague recently, healthy drink from Green Max, product from Taiwan. There are many varieties you can choose from the supermarkets and you could also find them in the Chinese medical hall.

I bought 2 different flavours, Purple & Yam black Soybean Powder and the Oat and Job's tear cereal, from Lintas Supermarket at RM18.90 each, there are 15 individual packets in each. I have tried both drinks, I must say health drinks are normally not as delicious. I am yet to try the savoury ones.


  1. Mcm sedap oh the yam... ^_^

  2. Never heard of GreenMax before..how's the taste?

  3. Cath, I prefer the yam over the oat one.

    Carolyn, taste not bad at all, not very sweet.

  4. I you have an online link to buy Greenmax products in the US, please email it to me at rkng_1999@yahoo.com

    I hear a lot of talk, now I am convinced. Now I need the juice.



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