Sunday 3 January 2010

Home cooking again

Since Christmas, I hardly got the chance to cook my family a proper meal. With so much celebration going on these 2 weeks, I only managed to prepare some very simple and quick meals at home or eat out.

Today, I started preparing my cooking since 3.30pm. Aiming to have our dinner earlier so that our girls can go to bed early for the school starts tomorrow.

Our girls love soup. They can just have the soup and rice for dinner. Less fuss. I prepared a pot of chicken herbal soup in the slow cooker just enough for 4 of us. Mixing some cucumber, carrot and pumpkin into vegetable pickles using apple cider vinegar for marination. I tried the raw pumpkin for the first time in my pickles. Not bad! I learnt from my colleague that pumpkin can be eaten raw, its taste just like the not so ripe papaya.


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