Saturday 16 January 2010

Mary Kay Lipstick

The last time I bought a lipstick was more than 3 years ago. Unbelievable. But it's true.

Ever since I resigned from my previous job 3 years ago, I hardly used any lipstick, one can only find me with lipstick when I attend weddings and official functions.

After I started working 1.5 years ago, times and times again I reminded myself to get a new lipstick but there is no urgency for me to buy any mainly because at my current work place, almost all of us in the office wearing nothing on the face to work, that is no make up at all. I conveniently follow suite.

Only recently I bought myself a new lipstick from Mary Kay with a 30% discount. Knowing that the ones that I had already expired, it's high time for me to get myself a new lipstick. The 30% discount can only be obtained from online ordering for more than certain points in a single order. So few of us in the office combined our orders in order to meet the 30% discount requirement. This lipstick cost less than RM40.00 as a result.

This is my new Mary Kay's Melon Rose lipstick. I am also looking at a AnneMarie Borlind lipstick to be added to my make up essentials soon.

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