Monday 11 January 2010

A surprise for me

Crystal came home from school with a bunch of Taiwanese Pak Choy in a plastic bag. The Daddy was surprise and started to question her. She told her Daddy that she bought it from school to surprise me. Not that she likes to eat vegetable but she knows I always buy vegetable and must have a dish of vegetable in every meals if possible.

I heard with disbelief when Clet told me about it after fetching Crystal from school this afternoon. I was very touched with her act and the thoughtfulness that she possesses at her tender age. She spent her little pocket money to buy me vegetable from an elderly lady who is selling vegetable in her school. She said she is the only student patronising while the rests were all parents.

We cooked the vegetable that she bought for dinner but she only ate a bit. It is just meant for me, she said.

To avoid her from buying vegetable from school again which is not practical for her. I keep reminding her that mummy has got plenty of vegetable in the fridge so please do not buy for me. She just smiled.


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