Thursday 14 January 2010

Live Internet Marketing Preview

I purposely took a half day leave just to attend a so called "Live Internet Marketing Preview" conducted by a local so called Internet Marketing guru from Peninsular Malaysia for Free from 2 - 5 pm this afternoon at an average hotel in the city.

I thought I could learn something out of it after the presentation but much to my dismay, I didn't. The whole 3 hours presentation was like bringing us around the bushes (that's how I felt), the Live presentation was merely showing us the use of Google Key Word Tool for less than 3 minutes. There was no other information given to us on how to go about starting an Internet Marketing Business.

After 3 hours of going round the bushes, he finally revealed what he has to offer, that is a 3 days course of RM4000.00++. He repeatedly mentioned that he doesn't give a damn whether anyone would sign up for the programme or not during the presentation. Do you believe this kind of statement??

He made a discount offer for early birds, that also amount to about RM3000.00. The tactics that he used was kind of pushy, expecting the attendees to sign up immediately by asking us to go in front to make the commitment right away, I just have to tell straight to him that I do not have that kind of money to pay for it, I can tell right away that he changed his interest on the attendees who are not ready to sign up.

Surprisingly quite a number of attendees grabbed the offer and signed up right away. It could be useful by attending the 3 days course, however, so much so that I want to earn on line but I do not think I am ready to spare that amount of money at this moment in time. Time is bad.

Here I would like to call on any kind hearted bloggers out there, if you happen to visit my blog please share some guides on Internet Marketing with me, I really appreciate it.

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  1. I wouldn't want to sign up for that high cost. I wonder whether all this talks work or not. I received many invitation for all this but haven't been to one yet. Haha


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