Friday 29 January 2010

I am sick

I tend to get sick around this time of the year. Probably due to the "small fire" in my Ba Chi chart, the "small fire" prone to be weaken by the cold winter weather, that's what I read from the fung shui books, believe it or not...I am not so sure about this theory.

Lack of sleep is definitely one of the contributory factors in lowering my immune system thus cause my sensitive respiratory system being attacked. I was and still coughing non stop for the last two days; finally I sought doctor's help yesterday and got myself a day sock leave to have a rest at home.

I felt slightly better after the medication but still a long way to total recovery. Hope to get well before Chinese New year.


  1. I have a cold cough too. Just hate it. had difficulty catching up my breath when I talk or laugh. Lets all get better soon... :)

  2. Lack of sleep and stress will surely lower the immune system. Try to get more sleep and hope you'll get well soon. Manuka honey + fresh lemon juice is very good for colds.


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