Friday 7 March 2008


Today is a holiday for students whose schools are selected to become polling centres for tomorrow’s 12th national general election . These schools have to make way for the authority to enable them to have sufficient time to turn them into polling centres. Most of the parents either have to take leave or seek others’ help to take care of their children for the day. Crystal’s kindergarten is one of the selected schools for that purpose. she has to follow us to work today and she seems to enjoy it. She felt asleep in the car after lunch because she is so used to the routine of having a nap in school every day.
People that I met today have been asking me which party I support, I was a bit reserved at first, much to my surprise that majority of them are very open to disclose which party they will vote for this time. Since they are so open, I tell them who I will vote for too lah..

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