Thursday 6 March 2008


Children playgrounds can be found in most of the shopping complexes around Kota Kinabalu City these days. I would say there are pros and cons of having the facility in the complexes. I personally find that it would bring much inconvenience to me and hubby. What do you think??
Kids would not be able to resist when comes to playground where they can slide, climb and swing.. Some of the playgrounds having too many kids, especially the one near the food court outside Giant Supermarket, Kolombong. It could be hazardous to younger toddlers, as the possibilities of them being knocked by other older kids are high. Most parents would have to hang around there to accompany their kids, by doing so what they initially plan to do are therefore delayed. Playtime for kids never end. Sometimes we have no choice but to drag our kids away from the playground if persuasions do not seem to work. Most of the time the kid would start to cry and shout in the public which is very unpleasant and un-called for. That’s what happened to Pearl at Complex Karamunsing the other day where we were supposed to attend a birthday party at McDonald invited by Crystal’s classmate. She refused to leave that little playground at 3rd floor where we had spent more than half an hour and it's time to leave for the party.

After experiencing few of such situations, hubby and I would try to avoid going near to the areas where playgrounds are situated or even avoid going to complexes with playgrounds altogether.

We also wonder whether any maintenance to those playgrounds. Hygiene is another factor to consider too. We always make sure to clean the kids’ hands after visiting the playground, can not afford to pay visit to clinic every now and then.

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