Saturday 22 March 2008


Kids are growing up each day, same go to their feet sizes. Without realising it, my girl old shoes had either worn out or do not fit anymore. She, particularly likes shoes with heels, though they may look pretty and cute, we always try to avoid the heels when buying shoes for her because not only it is difficult for her to walk in heels, they are particularly bad for proper foot development.

It was not easy to get a pair of suitable shoes for the growing feet. We usually allow her to choose which shoes she prefers and of course with certain conditions laid out by us. After trying a few pairs, she chose this one, she likes the colour and the design, of course, most improtantly she feels comfortable with them. It does look nice on her little feet though. This one cost RM35.00 (after 10%discount), costs as much as adults' shoes.

With the rate of our children outgrown their shoes, guess most of us are tempting to buy shoes that are one size larger so they can wear them a little longer but shoes that are too big can cause a child to trip and develop foot problems while trying to walk in shoes that are too large. Obviously, it is also problematic with shoes that are too small.

Here are some tips from when choosing shoes for children:

1. Children's shoes should some fastening system, like laces, try to avoid backless or slip-on shoes for kids.

2. Shoes made from canvas or leather are more durable and they are of breathable materials, they will help to keep the child's foot cooler and dryer, helping to prevent blisters, discomfort, and smelly shoes.

3. While they may look cute and pretty, always avoid heels on children's shoes. Not only is it difficult for kids to walk in heels, they are particularly bad for proper foot development. When it comes to children's shoes, stick with flats and even soles.

4. Look for a pattern or textured sole, as this will provide traction and help prevent your child from easily slipping on slick surfaces, on top of that soles should be sturdy and thick enough to protect the feet from pain and injury, but the sole also needs to be flexible too so that it will bend with the foot.

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